Gentle dog food

Hi there. I’m thinking about incorporating Gentle into my dogs raw complete. Does anyone know how long it lasts for once opened? I only want to include a small amount each day. Thanks for any advice

IIRC it is shelf life is circa nine months. Expiry would probably be dependent on stock turnover. I once asked if I could have 2kg and the company obliged. If you explain your situation maybe they would help.

Thanks for your help Dottie. I’ll give it a try

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I am giving my two Shih Tzus Gentle with a tiny bit of Forthglade in the morning and then at around 5pm I am giving them raw. They are doing really well on this regime that for now I will keep them on it.
I spoke to Gentle before ordering a big bag and indeed as Dottie said she was prepared to let me buy a 2kg bag which I am a little bit sorry I hadn’t taken her up on that. I bought the 5 kg bag and because I am feeding them raw at night it is taking a while to use it up. They have 25 grams and 20grms respectively in the morning and because they are small dogs I hope it will still be fresh by the time they get to finish the bag, which has a best before date of March ‘20 on the bag. I probably bought it about a month to 6 weeks ago. They are both doing so well on it and their poohs are really good and now do two good ones a day unlike when I tried Another brand was more like 4 times a day. Glad I tried Gentle.

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