Glucosamine in Kibble

Rodney Habib’s view of Glucosamine in Kibble.

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Seaweed - do you have any thoughts on the article and glucosamine in dog food? For some time I’ve been pondering about it because as Rodney points out, the additive is not a therapeutic dose so is it of any use? My friend was supplementing her dog with a Nutrivet joint product on veterinary advice so needed to make sure the food she gave did not contain the same thing lest it overdosed the dog. I wonder if other pet owners would take this into account?

Glucosamine in dog food is discussed here. The article on another joint supplement, green lipped mussel is here and seems (to me) to be more beneficial.

I guess that people reading an overview of a kibble product with Glucosamine added may be led into a false sense of security and think that feeding the kibble will be enough for healthy joints. It seems that adding small amounts of Glucosamine to kibble is not going to make a difference. Personally I would prefer it not to be in kibble and to purchase a specific joint supplement. There is conflicting evidence how effective Glucosamine is, the same goes for Green Lipped Mussel. When it comes to supplements we really only have peoples testimonials, reviews to gauge an opinion. The latest product on the market as far as I know for joints is undenatured collagen Type II (UC II) from Chicken sternum.
As I feed a raw diet, I add Paleo Ridge Joint Aid 2/3 times a week.

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