Hello from me and Rex.

Would just like to say hi to the forum.

I grew up always having a dog in my parental home, but it’s only recently that my wife and I have been able to offer the time and patience to have a dog in our own home.

Rex is a stunning Staffie/Labrador cross that we adopted from a local shelter. We’ve had him since August 2015 and he is approx 20 months old.
Sadly he was picked up as a stray and although he was already microchipped the charity was unable to repatriate him.
It was love at first sight and he is an absolute treasure.

An appointment with the behaviourist, over Rex’s fear of traffic noise, led me to discover this website.
I’ve found some very interesting info on here and would like to be able to share our experiences.

Thanks for your time.

Up next. …
Behaviourist recommended we try Breakthrough dog food.

Hello and welcome to the forum, I hope you can gain some useful information. I haven’t heard of breakthough before. It isn’t on the list of food reviewed but I found the ingredient list for sweet potato and chicken variety

Potato; Poultry Meal; Tapioca; Sweet Potato; Naked Oats; Barley; Poultry Fat; Egg; Beet Pulp; Digest; Whole Linseed; Fish Oil; Lucerne Concentrate; Salt; Limestone; Dicalcium Phosphate; MOS; FOS; Methionine; L-Tryptophan

When entered in the review generator, the score came up as 2.4 with Salt and digest coming up in red. I haven’t seen a food marketed as good for stress and balancing behaviour before so an interesting concept but I would need more convincing.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I have to agree that I am very sceptical of this new food and am far from happy at the price. It does, on face value, appear to be low grade compared to many of the foods rated on this website.
I felt that I should try to find what works best for Rex as he does love to go for walks, but at the moment that involves driving to a quiet place away from traffic and that is not ideal for us or him.

I’ll start a new topic on the new food and track his progress.

Thanks for your time.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I hadn’t heard of Breakthrough either but having checked out the recipe I agree with Tinyplanets. The first thing that you see on the list of ingredients is potato - it should be the meat source. Also the protein and fat are too low for a young, active dog such as yours:

Analytical Constituents:
Protein: 18%
Fat Content: 11%
Crude Fibre: 2.8%
Inorganic Matter: 7%
Moisture: 10%

At £69.95p for 12kg it seems expensive - it is possible to find a better quality food for less than that.

Hi Dottie,
Thanks for the reply.

I whole heartedly agree with you. This is far from my ideal choice of food. It is a very expensive food for what appears to be no better than the Pedigree he is used to.
I’m going with the advice of the behaviourist purely in the interests of Rex.
I felt it better to try a diet related approach rather than put Rex on medication.
I have opened a new topic about this trial to keep you informed.

Thanks for your time