Hello from me & my dogs

Hi, I’m Sara and I have chihuahuas - some with health issues - always very interested to read about new and interesting dog foods as I’m very careful what I feed my dogs :slight_smile:

Hello Yum Yum - nice to see you here. How lucky you are to have Chihuahuas. My friend has three chestnut coloured smooth haired ones and they are lovely little things. She has had problems getting weight on them but has turned it around somewhat by feeding Canagan. I hope that the health problems aren’t too severe. Having an interest in nutrition is hopefully going to help keep them as healthy as possible.

Thanks for the Hello :slight_smile:
I have one with longterm pancreatitis (who’s life was saved when I changed him to raw) , two who have SIBO…
All life long problems but I keep on top of it - my others are all fit and healthy :slight_smile:

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Great to hear from you Yum Yum and I’m really glad you have been able to manage your chihuahuas’ health problems. I’m sure your contributions will help a lot of people in similar situations.