Hello, I’m new. My names Micheala and I have a 15 week old long haired chihuahua

Hello and welcome to the forum. I really like long haired Chihuahuas. You have a beautiful pup hopefully you will have many happy and healthy years ahead of you. Hopefully you have her on good quality food - that should give her a good start in life.

I do yes. She’s currently on Arden Grange puppy but she’s being picky at the moment so I’m off to the pet store this morning for a change of food

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Lots of advice on the website and maybe this thread would be helpful. Good luck.

Hello Caelacoo and welcome to the forum! Beautiful pup!

There is a new and helpful addition to the allaboutdogfood website which might help with (UK) stores which provide dog food and with buying dog food online.

David descibes this as:
“Finding your favourite dog foods locally has never been easier! Simply head over to the store finder, enter your location and the brand you’re looking for and hey presto! You can even filter the results to show only businesses with specific doggy services like training, walking, vet care and home delivery!”

Here are the links to the relevant information:
Buy dog food locally**
** Buy dog food online**

Hello and welcome to the forum. What a lovely pup. I hope you can find a good food for her.