High carb dog food

Hi all, I have a Welsh Springer Spaniel that I’ve been feeding Applaws puppy until now. He’s 13 months and I’m now looking for alternatives, and think I’ve settled on Aatu but am concerned about the apparently high carb content. loiking at the ingredients, I can’t see where this is coming from ‘bad’ fillers so is this anything to be worried about?

Hello and welcome to the forum, I would say, after a quick look at the ingredients, that it is from the sweet potato and chick peas. I wouldn’t see it being a problem unless any of those carbohydrate sources didn’t agree with your dog. Peas and chick peas just seem to go straight through my dog.

Just to add sweet potato and chick peas regarded as a complex carbs. I am no expert but I have read that simple carbs are allegedly less desireable than complex carbs.

Thanks, I called the number today and their nutritionist is calling me back later on in the week. But he reckons that the the carb level is around the mid-20’s mark and it’s marked wrong on this site. I’m happy that they’re taking the time to get back to me, personally!

Carb levels on here usually a rough guide when in abscence of manufaturer/seller info.

It sounds as if you have made a good choice of food and I am glad that the company have been able to help. It is a good sign when they can assist with such queries and do so promptly. The whole issue of carbohydrates is a complicated one, some feeling that dogs don’t need them at all and others that they are fine as long as they are decent quality. As has been said, sweet potato is thought of as being a ‘good’ carbohydrate. AADF has this to say about chick peas: “…chickpeas, which are becoming more and more common in pet food as the grain-free movement gains momentum, also help to add valuable fibre to the mix and top up vitamins and minerals.”
Because it is needed to form the kibble, the majority of dry food will have higher carbohydrate levels. If you really want to get it down then you have to look at raw and wet foods.