Home Alone Cards

I came across these Home Alone cards. I thought the idea was worthy of a mention.

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Not regarded as cool but s.o.s. talisman was good idea for keeping important info…and no I do not wear one - shunned by many especially those who are insecure re post retirement ageing.

Thank you for the reminder about these. Our small dog rescue charity has been looking for suitable cards to sell/ give away. I used to have one years ago but don’t know what happened to it. The link above took me to a different page but I found them just by typing ‘home alone cards’ into the Amazon search box.

Dottie thank you for alerting me about the link issue. It seemed to work in the first instance as I always double check links before posting. I have tried to resolve this but for some reason the link keeps resorting to the wrong page. Unfortunately it is something we will have to live with. The Home alone cards are a timely reminder that when we are out and about, things can happen.

They are a great idea and hopefully help to reduce the worrying we all do.

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