Hi All,

Just thought I’d introduce! I’m karl, and my dog Coco - a rescue staffy boxer cross. Shes an absolute nutcase… completely unhinged… hyperactive, fussy, poo eating, shoe chewing, anxious bag of cuteness. She’s a year old and has luxating patella - has had 2 surgeries to correct this, and possibly needing a 3rd. Looking to share experiences on this… limited walking and exercise is causing a few issues but getting around this with lots of training at home! Also researching raw feeding so thanks for those that have given imput.

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Hi & welcome, (properly).

Thanks for the intro, pic & for sharing a bit of info about Coco.

Looks like you have your hands full. Hopefully a change in diet (as discussed in the other thread) ,might see some improvement.

I am not a behaviourist & have not rescued before, however, if it were me I would be gently doing lead work. The basics such as solid lead walking to heel & sitting will hopefully allow you to set boundaries & get better control when out and about…I appreciate you haven’t sought advice re training so please take or ignore my advice as you wish.

Huge respect for owners committed to caring for a rescue & mindful it can be a challenge at times.