Information for members seeking feeding advice

Information for members seeking feeding advice:

New members frequently ask for feeding advice but in most cases give little, or no background information about the dog or about themselves. We simply cannot give good, targeted advice in these situations. It is particularly important in the case of dogs with health issues and who are under the care of the veterinary surgeon.

We will always welcome new members but please be aware that we expect the poster to make some effort by providing an account of their dog and the problem/s that they are having (if any).

Type of information required:
What are you currently feeding and is your dog ok with this?
Why are you thinking of changing food?
How old is your dog?
What is your dog’s activity level?
Is he in good health?
History of intolerance to food/s.
How much time do you have to prepare food?
Type of food - do you want to feed dehydrated, dry, home cooked, raw or wet food?
What is your budget?
Do you purchase food online or do you prefer to buy in store?
The list is not exhaustive so please provide any other information that you feel may be helpful.