Is it ok to mix dry foods ?

We have an 18 month old rescue cocker spaniel which we adopted some 6 months ago.
He had been fed on a cheap brand of dried food and had weepy eyes in the mornings and a very poor quality coat.
We gradually weaned him off the poor quality food over a 2 week period (langhams) and put him on orijen six fish which hes been on ever since.
He’s loving it and his eyes are now fine and his coat is great.
Problem is cost and supply of the orijen its mail order only.
I have a pal who has recommended csj dry food which he has used for years which is obviously more cost efficient.
My question is could I wean my dog slowly off the orijen six fish and onto CSJ as well ie mix the 2 foods together gradually in order
to not upset his tummy. He has tried a handfull and wolfed it down without hesitation.
This would reduce the cost considerably (its £83 per bag) I dont want to stop the orijen completely as he thrives on it just mix it with the csj.
Would this have any health or digestive implications or should I swap his food completely. ?

Hello and welcome to the forum. CSJ sell a number of extruded dog food products and you don’t mention which one you wish to use so it is difficult to give a definite answer. I have looked at the range that we have in the Dog Food Directory and the nutritional rating for each one is in the fifties and sixties percent. One, No Grainer has a rating of 80%.

Orijen Adult has a rating of 96% so it is a much better product. As you say, your dog is doing very well on this food so it seems sensible to keep him on it if you can manage the cost. If you are going to mix then maybe try 75% Orijen and 25% other for a few weeks and see how it goes.

The other option is to look for something that has a high rating but is made in this country and therefore more economical. You can use the filters on the Dog Food Directory to narrow down the search. I have just done this and it returned five pages of results. If you need help with this, please ask. Setting the ratings slider to 85%-100% will return the products the higher quality products.

Thanks for your reply sorry the csj dry food I was considering is the complete tripe version
my dog has tried a handful and wolfed it down without hesitation.
My long term thought was to mix 50/50 if this doesnt upset him ie 50 % orijjen six fish dry to 50 % csj complete tripe dry.
We currently have about 1-1/4 bags of six fish left.Thanks .

I have just copied and pasted the ingredient list of tripe complete into the Instant Review Generator and it returns a nutritional rating of 66% with two yellow ingredients - maize and salt. You will need to experiment with the amounts. Watch your dog’s output - if it becomes soft and there is a lot of it, you will need to cut back.

Hello, yes, you can mix dry food with wet food, I do it or I do it so that I pour water over the dry food and wait until the whole food is softened and gives the dog all the food, in my opinion, it is better than the dry food itself, the dog does not drink so much water, especially in the sea it does the job

Yes, you can mix dry with wet, even drink later, so he will not want to, I always do this and he does not drink as much as before with dry food only