Switching from Orijen food to....?

So Penny, my 9 month old female Jack Russell, has been eating Orijen Original since she reached the 7 month mark and absolutely LOVES it. But recently she has had really Stinky breath, eating her own poo, has become really gassy and has really runny poos (although this could be from her eating her poo).

Penny has been on chicken and rice for 48 hours and is now back on kibble - her poo has now firmed but she is getting gassy again.

I have done some research and found that whilst Orijen is a fantastic grain free kibble, it can be too rich for some small dogs at 85% meat and 38% protein (Penny’s on the small side even for a Jack Russell, weighing only 5kg).

I was wondering what other foods I can feed her that is on par with Orijen just less rich? We are based in Hong Kong and Acana can be difficult to get hold of here. I have also looked into Canagan which has some sterling reviews 65% meats and 36% protein.

Has any of your dogs had problems with Orijen? And what foods do you feed your puppies sensitive tummies?

Attached is a picture of Penny after her dinner, I kid you not, she loves Orijen dog food but it’s making her real Smelly! :frowning: :-X

Hello and welcome to the forum. From your description, it seems that Orijen is not suiting your dog. However, it is important to prevent the coprophagia. Unfortunately some dogs will continue with this habit irrespective of the type of food that is given.

It is difficult to suggest what to feed your dog due to you living in Hong Kong. I suggest that you look for a product that is clearly labelled with a named meat source. As she is not doing so well with a high protein food, maybe something with 25% - 30% protein would suit. Look for products that have a single meat source.

Cold pressed food might help and I may be wrong but I have a feeling that Gentle might be available in Hong Kong. It would be best to contact the company via the website if this is something that interests you.

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Thanks for the heads up! I’ve looked into Gentle dog foods and have found that they do indeed have/or had a supplier in Hong Kong. I’ve contacted them via Facebook but it seems their last update was in February 2017. In case their operations have ceased in Asia, is there any other brands you can recommend? Pet shops in Hong Kong seem to stock most major brands just at a premium (usually about 20% more than the UK).

In the mean time I guess I’ll continue trying to get her to stop eating poop as she still has over 3kg of dog food left (kinda expensive to just throw in the bin). I have just noticed (she’s had a cheeky nibble behind my back) that she only eats the healthy looking stuff and leaves the runny bits. Could the loose stools/bad breath be just because she’s eating it?


Yes, in fact I think it is highly likely that this is causing it. My friend has exactly the same problem with her Labrador. Over the past few months she had been giving the dog Lintbells YuDigest and it has helped very much - now has good firm stools. However, she still has to be vigilant. If your JR is snaffling up the poo in the garden and you can’t be there at all times maybe a basket type muzzle would be useful, just while she is outside.

Regarding cold pressed food, contact Beate Rothon via her Gentle website or Facebook page. She will know about cold pressed food in Asia.

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Thanks so much for your help! I will have a look around for Lintbells YuDigest or a like-for-like probiotic product that is available here.

Rest assured, Penny has gone to bed oblivious to the disgusting little habit she’s picked up probably dreaming of her next snack time. :o

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Hello Iqentang and welcome to the forum!

Yes I’ve had a dog who simply would not tolerate higher protein food…even though the protein source was meat. He thrived on a wet diet (rather than dry) with fairly average protein levels. I concluded this was rather like us eating best quality rib-eye steak every day, when all we really need is a bowl of mutton stew! Nothing wrong with either, simply one was tolerated better.

I’d suggest if you do hope to finish the Orijen you might add in another food for her that is of a low protein level so that she has an overall average protein level intake. That is if you believe her current high protein level needs lowering.

Also I’m wondering if there is a possibility that there may be an ingredient in her current food that is disagreeing with her? For this reason it might be wise to compare this food with her previous food.

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Thank you and sorry for the late reply as I have only just read the message!

I have been giving Penny Protexin Synbiotic supplement with her meal in the evening that has helped quite a lot. For the first time in nearly 2 months Penny’s stools are consistently formed and healthy!

I have also come to realise that we may have been overfeeding her slightly and since, have been reducing the amount she eats. She now eats about a little over half a cup a day with a single supplement tablet cut up and sprinkled over her meal (before we were feeding her about two thirds of a cup per day).

We have also been watching Penny like a hawk to stop her from eating poop - she went on 3 regular walks before, but now make sure she does her business on walks rather letting her out in he garden to relieve herself in case we’ve missed a bit or she manages to chomp down our two Cocker Spaniel’s poo. Penny sometimes can lick the stone tiles so clean outside that we won’t realise that she’s devoured a fresh parcel… (Dog’s can be quite disgusting can’t they?)

Because of this, I am now at loggerheads whether to switch her food or not. Her stools now seem fine (morning, afternoon and evening) but I would really like to stop the supplements at some point. Should I stop the tablets and see how she takes the change? :o

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Thank you for replying. I think I would leave things as they are for the time being. Your dog is improving but it would be disappointing if she slipped back. The supplement should do no harm and you could always reduce it gradually, maybe alternate days at a later date. It is interesting that you feel that overfeeding might have contributed to the loose stools. This is not uncommon in high protein/high quality foods and it is a lesson to us all to be very careful when it comes to portion size.