Itchy dog/Natural Dog Food Company

Hi Shirley and lottie, i had a problem with my tibetan terrier being really itchy. Problems seemed to be linked both to high protein foods and also foods with more than one source of protein. we noticed a BIG reduction in itching with james wellbeloved but mr murphles really didn’t enjoy this food at all. Vets kitchen was a good compromise of palatability and reduced itching but best results have been on the natural dog food company chicken variety. Itching is close to nil and good palatability. So i would recommend that as a trial anyway for itchy dogs.

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Its not “high protein” that caused any itching, its most likely an allergy to one of the ingredients, sometimes one of the protein source, interestingly, chicken is the most common problem after grains. In your case, however, it seems to be one of the others proteins.

You say itching is close to nil, have you tried a fish only variety? Fish is a natural anti-inflammatory

Hi david yes i tried fish for dogs and he was on eden too a while ago which might have been fish but i can’t remember. Eden gave him sloppy poo. Fish for dogs he didn’t like BUT it was good for itching. This natural dog food co definitely works best for him, no doubt about it. My vet told me, rather than a specific protein being the problem, most likely it’s when the protein is from more than one source, he doesn’t tolerate it and i think that could be the key with my dog.

@Tabelmabel - thank you for sharing your observations of the Natural Dog Food Company products. I have split these posts from the thread here as it seemed to warrant it’s own thread. Also, it is easier to locate for anyone who may be searching for information.

I don’t have any personal knowledge about the company but their products are reviewed on this website. The adult formula review can be found here and there are three varieties - chicken, lamb and fish. There is also a puppy and a light version.

The recipe puts me in mind of James Wellbeloved and you mentioned that your dog did well on that particular product. There is a lot of grain in it and that might not suit some dogs. One of mine has problems with this kind of recipe (JWB) in that her skin became dry and flaky. Also her coat became greasy and lifeless. However, the lower protein and single source of meat seems to be advantageous to your dog so that is all to the good.

Thank you for letting us know about this.

Thanks dottie, sorry to have hi jacked the thread. Yes, jwb was the first food i noticed really did help his itching, but it just lay in the dish for days. He just wasn’t too keen on the fish for dogs either but this natural dog food is definitely best for him. In fact, i would say his itch is nil. The only place he has a little scrat is his ears and they probably need a bit of hair clearence! ( i tend to leave that job to the groomer)

prior to jwb, we had tried origen, canagan and eden whuch didn’t suit and he was pretty itchy on all. Vets kitchen he really likes and itching was low.

It was only when he had that terrible reaction to acana rhat i made a definite link to food. Within half hour of eating that he was drawing blood. Very happy now though, he is in great shape!

No need to apologise. It’s interesting how dogs react to various foods. You mentioned that your dog doesn’t care for Fish4Dogs food. Two of mine are currently on this and doing fine. They both like it but then they are not fussy eaters.

There are a lot of products with recipes of a similar type to the Natural Dog Food Company but this particular company offer three varieties so the owner can give a change of meat source and they use brown rice which is supposedly more nutritious than white.