James wellbeloved

Hi all I’m new to the forum and just wanted to get your experiences/opinions on a current issue.
We have a nearly 12 month cavapoo who was neutered a few weeks ago. He has also just switched to James wellbeloved adult grain free food having been on the puppy food. However I have noticed a change in behaviour and was wondering if it’s the food. He seems quite ‘hyper’ doesn’t seem to be able to settle and is up at the window at the slightest noise Previously he seemed more settled and would at least sleep a few hours in the day. Lucky if he does 10 minutes now. He does sleep during the night. Hoping for some advice

Just to say that the neutering does not work straight away, the hormones carry on getting higher, so can seem that they are getting worse, and only calm down after a while, so the issue arising may not be the food , it may be that your puppy needs to adjust to the situation.
If it does not get better after a while then it may be the food but it may be you will have to wait until a few weeks have passed.
I used to puppy walk for Guide dogs and have had a few that seem to go off the rails when they are neutered. It does pass, but only time will tell.
I hope that helps and your puppy calms down. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the forum. As Rebecca says, it may not be the food. I know that a dogs behaviour can sometimes be difficult when they hit their teens. I agree that it may be worth waiting a while before changing the food.


Thank you :slight_smile: I did wonder about it being early days after his neutering but didn’t want to persist with food if others had had a similar experience. I will watch and wait :smiley:

Stick dog back on the original food for 3 weeks if no change then likely the snip, adolescence or other factor.

Sometimes circ’s &/or need dictate we make more than one change at a time but ideally we should isolate changes if we want to try to best evaluate the impact of individual changes.