Lentils in poop

Hi, I have been feeding my new rescue dog essential contour kibble and Butternut Box (turkey chicken and fish flavours) she is very overweight, I noticed that the lentils and sometimes the other veg in the Butternut Box food come out whole in her poop, is this normal? I have had her for 3 weeks now.

Hello again. It sounds as if you might be inadvertently overfeeding. You are using two high quality products. I have answered your previous query about weight loss and this question confirms my feeling that you need to decide which food to use, rather than feed two types of complete food. Fresh food is good for dogs and Butternut Box has a high nutritional rating but for now it might be best to stick with just the Essential Contour because it is a good product, is easily weighed and you can take some out of the daily allowance to use for treats if you wish. Remember that the recommended daily allowance as described on the packet of food is often more than a dog actually needs so it is best to start right at the bottom and perhaps take off 10%. For instance, if the lower end for your dog’s size and weight is 300g, give 270g. Monitor the dog’s weight weekly if possible.

I have been giving her 100g of the Essential Contour twice a day so 200g total plus 1/3rd pouch of 400g butternut box so 266g a day. She refuses to eat dry without some wet added. Is this too much? She has very few treats maybe 6 tiny fish fishy biscuits a day. She walks 5 miles a day, but does not really run about in the garden or play very much she loses interest and just like to sniff about. This is the same amount the shelter recommended in quantity but the food might have more calories than the Royal Canin Satiety. Her poop is a reasonably firm but the lentils are visible in it.

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I found that when I gave my dog butter nut box the lentils and the vegetables came out the same as you said. I changed to different dog fresh food, as there was no lentils and he did better, but he did not put any weight on so have moved him on to cold pressed and if he does not put any weight on with this he will go on to pure , one you make up with warm water. Sounds like your dog has lovely home now .Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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I can’t say whether the amount you are giving is too much but from what you describe re the output it would see so. It sounds as if Butternut Box did not suit Rebecca’s dog. I had my two on it for a little while and I never saw undigested food in their poo. However, one developed what I suspect is a legume intolerance. It goes to show that no two dogs are the same.

You are giving two high quality foods and I just think that your dog’s digestion cannot handle it, especially as he has been on poor quality food for so long.

As I mentioned before, I think it would be better to stick to one product, whichever you prefer. If your dog doesn’t like kibble on it’s own you could maybe add a little cooked, mashed non starchy vegetables. A small amount of suitable fruit can be added.

Another thing that might help is a course of canine specific probiotic eg YuDigest. It often helps when transitioning dogs to a new food.

I know I had issues with pulses coming out undigested when I fed one of the raw foods but when I enquired, I found that they were put in raw so no doubt much too hard to digest. I found my dog lost weight on this food.

I would assume that the lentils and veg are cooked in butternut box foods so its a shame they don’t seem to be digesting well.

I think the overall calories are OK as she is losing weight at the right rate, her poops are not overly soft or big its just the lentils are visible. I noticed that I can’t see the carrots so much now so she might have adjusted to them, she does not has wind or anything like that. I will look at alternatives to the Butternut Box that has no pulses. He muscle tone was quite poor so I want her to have enough protein to put some muscle mass on.

Well done with the diet. It’s good that your dog is losing weight. The only other fresh food that I know of which does not contain legumes is Different Dog. They have low fat products eg Keep Me Trim Turkey. The fish variety is probably low fat too. If interested, talk to the staff - they are helpful.

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Thanks I will have a look at Different Dog

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