Advice needed - changing to Eden kibble

Asking for some advice!

The dog: Hector, a male brittany/pointer cross, almost 9 months. VERY food-oriented and will eat anything, whether or not it agrees with him. I rescued him just over 2 months ago. Loads of energy.

The background: About a month ago, Hector had a nasty stomach upset - he was on Royal Canin Puppy Medium at the time. Once he was better, I started to change him over to Eden Original kibble, as I had planned to do before the stomach upset got in the way. I’ve been doing it very gradually and he is now getting about 50% Eden and 50% Royal Canin. He is skinny - not underweight, but only just - and is continuing to put weight on well. He is fed twice a day - 0730 and 1800. He gets a Kong (frozen kibble only) and a fair number of treats on top of his food allowance.

The problem: For the last few days, the morning poo has been fine but there have been several runny poos during the day. Could it be another stomach upset? The new food disagreeing with him? Should I consider reducing his food allowance?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Hello and welcome to the forum. This might be nothing to do with food. I think it would be best to take a stool sample to the vet. This is important in view of his history, particularly if he has been in kennels. Stools are usually tested for Campylobacter, Giardia and parasites. For specific advice about Eden, contact the company direct.

Many thanks, Dottie, both for the welcome and the advice. The vet has prescribed antibiotics and has sent off the sample. We’ll see!

If you had a significant period without loose stools I would simply cut back the food amount and monitor.

I would have expected full transition by now.

Personally Ai would want to sort the transition within a week…I accept views on timescaale can vary .

You could try 24hrs on smaller amount of RC and monitor then try 24 hours of small amount if the Eden.

I understand where Dottie is coming from and certainly agree vet visit/sample may be if of likely benefit and considering the cost of same

This might sound dismissive of thr dogs wellbeing but If I had samples taken every time a dog passed loose stools I would be at vet too often for my liking especially when effects of scavenging on populated beach walks is considered.