Our old boy was fed Eden for most of his 15 years and we lost him just over a year ago, we have since got another puppy the same breed mini dachshund, he was on Sausage dog Sanctuary food when we got him and we carried on with that until a few months ago after he was a year old we thought we would try Eden as it looked to be better, and all was fine we are on our third bag however the last three weeks we are now getting ‘soggy poops’ all the time and we feel it must be Eden as nothing else has changed just not sure whether to go back to the Sausage dog Sanctuary or try something else, anybody else had this problem with Eden ? It is strange because he was fine for the first couple of months.

Other pet owners have reported the same issue with Eden. It is a high quality food and in some cases dogs need smaller amounts. You might find it useful to contact Eden and they should be able to advise.

Thanks for your reply…we had already reduced the amount he was getting as he kept leaving some …a bit disappointed as we felt Eden was a higher quality food for him and he seems to like it, not sure what is the best thing to do wondered about contacting Eden but then I don’t suppose they would advise to change his food😩

From what you say it sounds as if Eden might not be the best food for your dog. Maybe look for one with a lower protein percentage? You can use the Dog Food Directory to check out other brands.

The other less obvious thing is to send a faecal sample off to the laboratory just to make sure he doesn’t have a parasite or infection problem. In view of the fact that he was OK with the food at first, I think that is well worth considering.

Thanks for your advice, if we were going to get a sample checked is that something we have to do through the vet? Maybe we will just stick with Sausagedog sanctuary as it has half the protein which is in Eden just felt Eden was better but I suppose it maybe doesn’t suit him even if he does scoff it!

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I think you can get faecal samples done yourself but you would need to find a lab and if there were any abnormalities you would still need to see the vet so you might as well take the sample to the surgery in the first place.

Thanks for your help

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