Liver problems

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I rescued a dog off the streets two months ago. She weighed on 6kg at the time (should be 16kg) and had been so hungry that she had been eating stones and sand and almost died as she had a blocked colon. The vet said at rhe time he thought she had been hit by a car at some point as she had a deformed hip but no signs of pain and limping. Her blood test results were just awful as you expect. Two months on she is now 15.8kg and most of her levels are normal except for her liver. The vet says the liver has been damaged by some kind of trauma and she now has hepatitis which she can recover from but needs a bit of help. She has been given some medication but the vet has said to change her food to the same brand but one for neutered dogs, one that is high in fibre and low in fat. At the moment I am feeding the wellness core healthy weight food. Does anyone know anything about this range or have any e about a good feed for her.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. It sounds like your dog has already had big improvements in her health since you had her so you have done a good job so far. I don’t know much about liver conditions or Wellness food but hopefully somebody may be able to advise. If the vet can give you a percentage of fat and fibre that you should be aiming for, then you can use the filters to the left of the dog food directory . You have the option to click nutrient levels then can input them with the slider. This will then show you some foods which meat the criteria. Look for the rating to tell you which food scores highest. The higher rated foods tend to be better in terms of clearly labelled and quality of ingredients. You can get to the directory by clicking ‘foods’ at the top of this page.


Hello and welcome to the forum. What a sad life your dog has had - well done for giving her a second chance. We have a thread on dietary management of liver disease here which should be helpful for you. Milk thistle supplement is recommended for liver support. A drug called Denamarin also might and worth looking at but discuss with the vet. It may be cheaper online and doesn’t need a prescription.

Maybe have a look at the various cold pressed foods - we have a thread on them in the dog foods section. They are very digestible. Brown rice is a good source of fibre and a number of these contain this. You could also add fibre in the forum of well cooked brown rice or oatmeal.