Looking for recommendations

I have a 11 and a 3 year old Doodle and until now have used Akela dog food. Can’t fault the dog food but their customer service is appalling. For three days I have been wasting my time waiting for a delivery from DPD. And when I ask Akela Customer Service for help/intervention, what do I get - a lukewarm apology for the inconvenience! I have been a very loyal customer for many years, but that’s it. So, what do people recommend? The younger one has occasional stomach upsets and both are hyper types so no additives etc. Very many thanks in advance for all recommendations.

Have you every tried raw dog food there are some good review raw foods that are compleate foods with no addatives or preservatives ect some with 97 percent given on the scoring or higher .

Hi Yvonne, we have tried it but for a number of reasons had to return to dry food which they both cope with better

Take a look at bentleys ocean mix on hear , im trying that at the min along with naturaw .It appears to have high ratings on hear.

Thanks a lot Yvonne!