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I’m new here, thank you for allowing me to register and nice to meet you all. Loving the site!

I’m currently feeding my lot on a 50/50 mix of Akela and Skinners Duck and Rice, mainly because one of my labs is extremely allergic to anything with maize in it and Skinners does suit him. I’d love to feed them just on Akela but I have 8 large dogs so the cost is prohibitive, adding the Akela pushes up the daily protein content and lowers the carbohydrate. They get at least an hours hard exercise off lead retrieving and swimming each day, so the extra protein is needed. I do add an extra meal of raw some days as well which helps too.

I’ve just found a new (I think as not come across it before) completely grain free food from a small independent company called Trilly and Greens which is a similar price to Akela but comes in 15kg sacks instead of 10. This would help a lot. Has anyone come across it before please and if so what did you, and your furry kids, think about it? They do have a website that sells one of their varieties, although for some reason their full range seems to be only on eBay uk.

Thanks x
Just to update I’ve now ordered two bags of the Country Kibble grain free that has been discussed on here recently so will try that out, thank you as hadn’t heard about it before xx

Hello and welcome to the forum,

I haven’t heard of trilly and Greens before. I put the ingredients of the chicken variety, through the instant review generator and it come out with a 3.1 rating.

Please let us know how you get on with the country kibble. Feed back will be useful for those wanting to find a grain free food.

Country Kibble is sold on Amazon at £35.99p for 12kg. The product is private label (also referred to as white label), which makes it competitively priced. You have made a good choice. Because there is more than one flavour the dog can have a change with less risk of upsetting digestion. The Dog Food Directory review is here and the Amazon page is here.
Please would you let us know how you get on with it?

Thank you, I will do!

Yes that’s why I like these grain free varieties, they can have a change. It must be boring to eat exactly the same thing day after day! I’ve ordered the venison and the salmon one, they actually sound quite yummy, the Akela smells delicious

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