Mars Petcare UK recall

Mars Petcare UK recall.

As it seems these recalls are usually due to excess vitamin D (also the reason for the Hills recall, which killed dogs), it makes me wonder if there are also sometimes excess levels of other vitamins we’re not informed about because they’re not considered toxic like vitamin D.

The following is an extract from - I assume the same applies to the UK:-

"You may be trying to avoid Chinese ingredients for your dog. And that’s an excellent idea because China has a terrible track record when it comes to food safety … in 2007 alone, synthetic vitamin premixes from China killed over 4,000 cats and dogs.

Yet China owns over 90% of the vitamin C market in the US and most of the vitamins in dog foods are manufactured in China and India.

This should worry you because only 2 percent of all imported vitamins are inspected. And China’s top vitamin and supplement producing areas are among the most polluted in the world"

Also, the only reason I can think of for most treats having added synthetic vitamins & minerals is to fool owners into thinking they are more healthy. I would never choose foods with synthetic additives, but the choice of cooked brands in the UK (to my knowledge) is limited to 3.

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