Not made in China

Some of you will probably know of health and safety issues around dog treats that are being imported from China. I don’t buy treats from pet shops these days but I imagine that it can be difficult to determine the origins of treats unless they are packaged.

I have just spotted on Facebook that Feelwell’s are now displaying the origin of their products. Right on the front of their 100% meat treats is a very clear ‘made in the U.K.’ Or ‘made in the eu’. The pack I saw on FB was labelled ‘not from China’.

Feelwell’s is a UK company (North Yorkshire) and was one of the founding companies of the Campaign for Real Pet Food. It is good to see them continuing with one of that organisation’s core beliefs - clear labelling. Hope that other companies follow suit. In the meanwhile, be careful what you buy.


Yes Dottie it’s scary, we all have to be so careful. TBH I don’t buy treats, my lot get what I consider to be good food and for a treat I’ll give them a little cheese or ham.
I read that Orijen dog and cat food is being counterfeited in China.
Link here…

Labeling on treats is not the same as dog foods as treats are a ‘complimentary food’. Dog food doesn’t have to carry a label as to where it is made but you can tell by the factory number. Quick glance, most of ours do say where they are made. As to the ‘jerky’ scare - everything I’ve read is a cut and paste job of the original US article. I’m sure if anything is legitimately happening in the EU then there would be recalls and the pet industry would be the first to see the recall notices.