Chicken jerky fillets.

Hi all. I’m new to this site and this is my first post. I came across this site whilst trying to find out about potentially poisonous jerky treats that come from China.
I recently read an article regarding jerky treats from China containing melamine and other substances that shouldn’t be present. Does anyone have any info on this matter?
Anything would be helpful.

Hello and welcome to the forum, I have heard lots of things about the dangers lurking in dog treats and not necessarily just from China. I look for treats free from preservatives or make my own. You can make some chewy treats similar to jerky by dehydrating liver or sweet potato etc see this thread for some ideas.

Hi there, thanks for the reply. I’ve been making my own since I heard of this last Friday. I’ll be very very wary in future.
I have a very fussy dog but she’ll have to get use to them.
I think this first began in China and also Australia. Not sure when, reports are a bit iffy. Going to do liver tomorrow.
Thanks again.

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