Cricket food for your dog. Thoughts and questionnaire! :)

Hey hello guys!
I am new in the forum. Sorry if I don’t get it right, need to get used to it.
I am working on a new snack for dogs and cats. It’s been one year since we are working on it. It’s super innovative and environmental friendly
stuff + of course awesome for dogs health.
I prepared a questionnaire and I’m looking for feedback.
It’s going to help us launching the product and understanding what are the general thoughts on it. Of course if you have more questions just ping me!
How can I link the questionnaire here?


Thanks a lot!

I tried to post a link to the questionnaire but it says that I’m not allowed to post external links.
How can I do? Thanks a lot!

I try to link the questionnaire here.

Check it out guys!

Hello all!

Have you tried treats made out of cricket flour?
I’m working on this since one year now.

Hypoallergenic and easy to digest.
Pure proteins.
Omega 3.

What is your first reaction to a product like this?

I have moved your posts from the other thread into this dedicated one so that we can continue the conversation in one place. Your questionnaire does work but on page 4 you only provide currency in euros. This is a UK website so for some participants sterling would be more appropriate.

Thank you so much! I fix that :slight_smile:

Thank you MEG for spending some time on it.
I digged into it of course and the risk that you mentioned is actually something due to deforestations and massive agricultural activities as well as waste of land and resources for livestock.

Producing food from crickets is something super safe and respectful. We have a laboratory and we work together with universities in order to keep everything protected and safe for the animals as well as the environment. Think that the space required for this kind of production is super small and the water that you use is 1/10000 compared to the amount you need to use for beef for example.

The animals are treated super good and have a balanced diet of cereals.

Regarding the question on the tech/startup people. I am curious to know if a product like this is understood better by a person who’s more techie, I want to define my target because there is no literature about it in Europe.

Ask me more questions please :wink:

I exactly mean that. I think that the perfect target for this product is a person who knows about new technologies and maybe works for a startup. This is what I’m researching actually :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot MEG! Really appreciate it.
We truly believe that we are doing something good and the quality of our product is the best response for now. I will keep you posted and I would be super happy if you could share the questionnaire also with other passionated dog owners.
Thanks a lot!