Hi All,

new here , just signed up and wanted to gather everyones thoughts.
I see loads of posts and reviews about Rawhide and how bad they are for dogs.
I for one haven’t had any troubles BUT, i have been researching for alternative, healthier, safer options and have come across PEGETABLES

Have any of you tried Pegetables?
Does your dog prefer them too rawhide?
Any information on these would be amazing…

Hello and welcome to the forum. I can’t offer an opinion on Pegetables as I had not heard of them prior to your post. The ones I have found are on Amazon here. They are marketed as a dental treat. Personally, I think that regularly brushing a dog’s teeth with canine toothpaste is as good a way as any of keeping them clean.

I haven’t tried them myself but would be inclined to avoid anything with sugar in. Some people use a dehydrator to dry sweet potato and other veg or meats for an alternative to rawhide. Then you know what your dog is having. I have just baked things dry in the oven too like liver.

Thanks All…

I am going to experiment with making my own treats -
Liver / Peanut butter / Gravy / sweet potato - not all mixed together obviously but i am sure a quick mix of some ingredients will do the trick…