Mixing Raw and tinned/kibble

Hi, I’m new to this forum but have used and recommended All About Dog Food many times. My question is, when my 3 year old springer/ Poodle was a puppy I fed her raw. She went off that and now has Simpson’s tinned and dry in the evening but she still has a raw chicken wing after her walk in the morning. Someone told me that you should only feed one or the other. The chicken wing is more of a treat really. Any advice please?

Hi. I do the same with my 3. They have a chicken wing or thigh in the morning and I homecook for them in the evening. I’ve not had a problem. I’m pretty sure the raw digests quickly whilst kibble takes much longer, therefore I would’nt give the meals the other way around.


Hello and welcome to the forum. We have discussed this matter before and the consensus was that mixing raw with other foods should not pose a problem for most dogs. The thread is here. The way that you are doing it sounds ok - the dog is getting the raw food at a separate serving.


Thank you for confirming that what I am doing is ok for Boo. She waits by the fridge after her walk and would be very confused if she didn’t get her chicken wing so I will carry on.


Hi I am an avid raw feeder. Although raw and kibble do digest at different rates I don’t think a chicken wing is going to do too much harm. One thing I would watch for is the bone content of a chicken wing and you may have a problem with your dog having constipation if she/he has too much bone too often. If it is a problem Pumpkin seed is helpful to get over that problem if it occurs. You can buy it in supermarkets or I am sure health food shops.

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