MORE puppy food

Does anyone know much about MORE puppy food supplied at Pets Corner? I have a 10 week old labrador and the breeder was feeding Alpha sporting puppy. I’m not sure how great this food is so was looking at possibly changing. My local pets corner store recommended MORE.

I wondered if anybody on here could recommend the food?

Hello and welcome to the forum, Having never had a puppy, I don’t know much about puppy food. The review for More Puppy food is here As you can see, it is rated 3.9 which is fairly decent. It is hard for members to recommend a particular food as all dogs are different and finding one that suits is mostly trial and error.

When I adopted my Mastiff mix aged 10 months I was recommended the More Large Breed puppy food at Pets Corner (the rescue had sent me home with a bag of Eukanuba and I wanted to change her from this ASAP). She absolutely adored this food (though she is a good eater anyway). She was on it for around 6 months and did very well on it (poo’s were good etc). I only stopped feeding it as I wanted to move her to cold pressed, that was just a personal choice and there were no negative issues with this food at all.

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