Most Suitable Food for an Italian Spinone

Hi, I’m lucky enough to own an Italian Spinone. He’s 27 months old and has recently been castrated.

When he was last weighed he was approx. 34 kgs. We’re not overly concerned but he hasn’t started filling out or bulking up yet so he still looks a bit like a gangly teenager. He’s healthy and gets 2 regular walks a day. The vets said he was within his normal weight range but was at the lower end. I appreciate they are slow developing dogs.

I was just wondering if any Spinone owners out there who could give examples of what food they feed their dogs please?

I currently feed hime with Vets Recommended Diets Naturals Lamb and Rice dry food.

Hope you can help.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have never heard of an Italian Spinone. He sounds like a big fellow though. I have a 6kg dog so no experience of feeding a bigger dog. It might be helpful to give a little more information though and somebody may be able to help Some useful information to provide is outlined in this thread here

Hello and welcome to AADF forum. You mention that you are looking for a product suitable for an Italian Spinone. I am not at all sure that diet needs to be tailored towards any one specific breed but I am open to criticism on that. I would imagine that the same principles in choosing a good dog food apply for any dog, no matter what the breed. Obviously some dogs will have faster metabolisms or will have more energy requirements if they are very active, young or working. Others with a more sedentary lifestyle will probably have different dietary needs.

I had never heard of Vet Recommended Naturals Diet so I did not know what it contained. I have done a search and found what looks like it on this website. It won’t let me link to the specific page for VRD Naturals so it is necessary to look for it under Dog Food. Is that the one? If so, look at the ingredient list and you will see that rice comes first. You need to look for products that have the** named meat source** at the top of the list. Also take a look at the analysis - the protein is only 20% and the fat only 10%. This is the most likely reason that your dog is not putting on weight. It is far too low for a young, active dog. The Instant Review Generator gives it a score of 2.7.

Changing your dog’s food would seem to be the best way forward as the current one is not meeting his requirements. If you wish to do this we can help you by explaining what to look for when selecting dog food but you need to learn a little about the subject yourself, starting with reading the ingredient list. It is not difficult; as a starting point, take a look at this thread which might be helpful to you. There is also plenty of information on this website.

We cannot tell you which food to purchase as there are so many. Also, as far as possible we try to remain independent and try not to advise that people use specific products. As all dogs are different, it is not always useful. However, we can help you in your selection so please post back if you require help.

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Thanks Dottie, your response is much appreciated.

I’ll do some research from your links and will look at changing his food to something more suitable.

Thank you for getting back to us. I am sure that you will be able to source a suitable product. At the very minimum it needs to be 26% protein, 12% fat but more is better for a young, active dog like yours. He needs lots of good quality protein and I would hope that this will help him to gain some weight. The Dog Food Directory of this website is the place to go for product reviews. There is a Filter section on the left hand side which is enormously helpful in sourcing suitable products. As I mentioned before, please get back to us if you need any help with this or if you just want an opinion on foods that you have seen.

If you would like to keep him on his current food, another option might be to give him a topper of a good quality, grain free wet food. There are some really good ones available these days and although it will be more expensive it would provide your dog with the additional protein and fat that he needs. Lots of people use toppers with dry food as it also provides palatability. Again, these can be sourced via the Dog a Food Directory.

Hi, I had a look and have ordered some Akela Original to try. That had very good reviews so hopefully he’ll be fine with it.

Once again, thanks for your help.

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It looks like a great food Ockster. Please let us know how you get on with it and of course if your dog enjoys it.

Thank you for getting back to us Ockster. What made you decide on that one? As Tinyplanets has said, you have chosen a good product and I am hopeful that it will help your dog to gain some weight and to be fit and well. Please transition your dog to the new food gradually over a period of several days. Remember that sometimes dogs do not need quite so much of quality dog food in comparison to less good quality ones. Be guided by the consistency of your dog’s poo - it should be firm and easy to pick up, leaving very little residue. Don’t hesitate to contact the Akela advice line if you need advice while transitioning or indeed at any time.
Please let us know how you get on - we have not had a member review this product so we will be particularly interested to hear of your experiences with the product.