Need Help / Advice With Our 7 Month Old Beagle Puppy

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I’m new to this forum and was advised about this website from our vet, I brought a beagle puppy when he was 4 months old for my fiancée as a present he is now 7 months (I know maybe we should have posted this a lot earlier than now :frowning: ) but we are struggling on what we can do to train him as he don’t really listen to us, we have tried everything from recall training, house training, all different sorts of dog toys and chews, we cant let him roam the house as he chews everything, we have tried crate training, we take him out at least every 30 mins for a wee as he keeps weeing in the house but he still does and just whines and I really don’t know what to do :frowning: any help or advice would be great :slight_smile: ?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I can’t help you with your Beagle’s behaviour issues because I don’t have any personal experience of the breed and am not a behaviourist. I imagine that they can be quite high energy dogs and not easy to manage. I think that you would be better off contacting people who are experienced in the breed. The Beagle Club might be a good place to start. Alternatively, the Kennel Club has a list of other Beagle clubs here. There may also be some Facebook groups whose members might be able to help.

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Hello Slammer2020, have you tried taking him to basic obedience training sessions. I took my dog shortly after getting her from dogstrust. She was estimated to be 3 and didn’t seem to have had much training. She behaved like a puppy in many ways and she was allowed to do her basic training with the puppy group. The sessions gave me the knowledge I needed to continue her training at home. I found that most issues could be mastered with lots of positive reinforcement for behaviour you want and ignoring or redirecting the behaviours that you don’t. For behaviours you can’t ignore such as nipping, we have a stair gate on the kitchen door and she was often in the kitchen in time out in the early days. Sometimes I had to do it several times in a row as she would repeat the behaviour as soon as I opened the gate. She soon learned though.

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Slammer2020 - as has been said, training is key with a young, energetic puppy. I do urge you to seek out a good dog training club. If you are both willing to put the work in now it will pay dividends. BTW, what are you feeding your pup? Is he having a good diet? That too is important.

Yeah I will be looking into training classes because he is part of our family now

We feed him on butchers loaf tripe and crave biscuits as he likes them

Not sure if this helps , but I find with my red setter, if I give food high in carbohydrates it makes him hyper and unsettled.
I have just looked up what beagles are like on 101 beagle dogs on you tube. It does say that they are hard to train , but they like their food so may be get some lovely treats.
I have looked after lots of puppies with guide dogs, and I know that it can be hard work when training them not to wee indoors etc, but do not be to disheartened he is only a puppy and one day he will get it the next it will feel as if all the work has gone out of the window. Keep going be patient and you will win through. :slight_smile: