Neutered last June and has now reached her weight limit...but always hungry!

I am feeding Canagan and Forthglade menu (wet) …I realise the protein content is ott but she is in great condition enjoys her food and poos are always firm. Just don’t want her to put on any more weight! She is a 22month old german shorthaired pointer. Any suggestions on what a good diet dry or wet would be? Thanks.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
If you are happy with your chosen food and are just worried about your dog being hungry, perhaps you could try adding some low cal veg like cabbage or perhaps give some carrots as treats between meals.

It is very difficult to recommend a food without knowing much about your dog because different foods may not suit all dogs. You could use the quick search tool as described here This should give you some ideas.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I understand your problem, having had the same issue with two of my dogs. Coincidentally, I too had a short spell of feeding Canagan when it was very new. It is a good product. Sadly, despite me giving considerably less than the recommended daily allowance, my dogs put weight on too and it took a long time to get it off.

Weight control can usually be achieved by reducing the quantity of food (calories) and increasing exercise. This means dog food only (accurately weighed) and no table scraps or extras. However, as you have found out the former is problematical when you have a hungry dog.

As you already know, you are giving two very good products with with higher protein and fat levels so my advice would be to drop one of them. You don’t say which Forthglade product you are using but I would be inclined to stop that for the time being but if you decide to stick with that then drop the kibble. In this way you can monitor the intake more accurately and you will know exactly what you are giving. Fix an amount and stick to it. Weigh the dog weekly and if the weight is not coming off, reduce by 10%.

FWIW my experience of giving a good quality wet food was that the dogs gained weight rapidly, despite giving less than the RDA. I have friends who experienced the same thing. That is why I suggested taking your wet food out of the equation, if only for now. However this does not mean that there is anything wrong with them and they will inevitably suit some dogs. It may be due to the high fat/protein but that is just a personal observation.

Years ago I dieted one of mine using James Wellbeloved Light. Their customer service lady said that dieting dogs need lower fat and higher protein. My experience is that she has a point. It’s no good giving high protein/high fat food if you can only give tiny amounts and the dog is consequently always hungry. I have found that it is high fat that seems to pile the pounds on so now I give products with 11-12% dry weight. The protein is in the region of 27% and I top up with chicken or white fish because then they get the protein but without the fat. I’ve tried all sorts of permutations with food and this seems to work well with mine. However, other people have different experiences and I have read that it is actually carbohydrate that turns to fat on the dog. I realise that the food I give has a higher than average carbohydrate level but the dogs are satisfied because they have something in their stomachs. Like us, dogs need to be sated after a meal. I also give three smaller meals per day.

Please come back to your post if you need further help. Also, we would like to hear how you get on and what steps you decide to take to control your dog’s weight.

Hello and thank you for your warm welcome. Yes I was also thinking along those lines and can appreciate that I am giving her too much to eat. I will do as you suggest and just give her the recommended amount of Canagan. This morning I mixed in some tuna fish and she lapped that up! Now any thoughts on how I can resist her pleading brown eyes as she sits patiently beside the larder! (Yes… :stuck_out_tongue: that’s where the treat tin is! ::slight_smile: ) I value any info and advice that you can give on this forum. I will be back with a weight update! Thanks. Liz and Saffi .

I have the same problem with my three - always on the cadge. I give them sea jerky Tiddlers (Fish4Dogs) because they are very low calorie and help to clean teeth as they are crunchy. With the Canagan, make sure you weigh it properly and it may be advisable to start right down at the bottom end of the RDA. When I was giving this food I used considerably less - IIRC I think it was about 1% of their body weight and that equalled 80/90g. Even then they put weight on. I too add tinned fish to kibble - usually sardines or mackerel in tomato sauce. I think you are going to have to be firm, as am I! LOL ::slight_smile:

Hi again Dottie. Yes I have read with interest your thread on “weight control” I’m writing down everything that she eats…even down to the mud and grass roots she eats in our local park! :-[ -As far as burning off calories is concerned…well as a typical gsp …she runs like the wind and is out for at least four hours a day! Yes it is going to be tough going for us both! At least she is not overweight…yet…its just a case of trying to maintain a decent level! Watch this space…thanks again Dottie.

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