New member, confused over raw food….what makes a good food for a dog

Hi, as a new member I am so confused, about which dog food is best for my 5kg girl bitch.
I would like to feed her fresh but it is expensive. I don’t like the sound of raw food that as big bone pieces in. She used to be fed Orijen but she as gone off that. She loves raw food, but as a small dog she likes to give kisses out, and it’s having the space to keep it….My daughters dog who lives me has to have Raw food. As always you want to feed the best you afford. Thanks

Hello Sue. Raw can be a bit tricky when you have a small dog because some are packaged in amounts that once thawed would last too long. As your dog prefers raw food, it might be useful to look out for companies that sell it in small quantities. They have bone meal added but not pieces of bone. Nature’s Menu Country Hunter Nuggets is one range that might suit your dog. You can just take out nuggets as required. I seem to remember that Nutriment has something similar and Luna and Me sell patties. There may be more.

Fresh cooked food is a great alternative and negates the concern about potential bacteria. There are a few companies who are selling this now - take a look at the home cooking section of the forum. The ones that spring to mind are Butternut Box, Different Dog and Years. DD has more variety and a good range of ingredients. As you know, they tend to be more expensive but with a 5kg dog you might not need to feed very much. Also, you can part feed if you wish.

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