ROR dog food

Anyone feeding this to their dog? It isn’t on the dog food index. Our nearby pet shop has started stocking this, but I noticed it has no bone in it. I don’t feed bones to our Goldie, who is an aggressive chomper and tries to swallow something as soon as she thinks she can! Too stressful watching her!

I noticed ROR raw dog food last year. It’s packaged in nuggets which is handy, particularly for owners of small breed dogs. The adult range contains a small amount of sweet potato which is useful for carbohydrate and fibre. Beet is right at the end of the ingredient list but is also a useful source of fibre. This should help prevent constipation which can sometimes occur with raw diets. I put the duck and turkey into the Instant Review Generator and it returned 95%. As they don’t include bone they add calcium and phosphorus.

Thank you. It seems to be sold by Pets Corner so whether it is made just for them I don’t know. I gave her some of the fish and turkey tonight, so will see how she gets on - it’s quite pricey, but handy to have a supplier close by and nuggets defrost quickly. She certainly devoured it, but then eating is never a problem with her!

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Having a supplier close by is a bonus. No need to stockpile and if you are short of food, it’s easy to obtain. Also it is helpful to support small businesses. I would be interested to know how your dog gets on with this food.

In terms of palatability - I have a dog who will literally eat anything, so not a good judge there! However, I will probably give her this for a few days each week to see how she gets on - I’ll let you know how she gets on. She is liable to put on weight - Costswold Raw seemed to help with this whereas Nutriment tended to encourage a bit of weight gain.

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