Hello. R.O.R raw food?

Hello, my local Pets Corner has started selling R.O.R. raw whole food. I can’t find it on this website and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the brand or can give feedback. Thanks.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I haven’t heard of this food. The company website is here. I copied and pasted the ingredients for the chicken and tripe into the Instant Review Generator and it scored 4.2 but that is a rough score.

Thank you Dottie, I’ll have to investigate this instant review generator. My Border terrier Freddie has Nutriment raw food but we like to use the nuggets when we go on holiday as they’re easier to manage. I wanted to compare as they don’t add bone but use supplements instead, not sure if this is better or not!


I raw feed my two Shih Tu’s and I have never heard of R.O.R raw food myself either . I feed Wolftucker I find it a bit dryer than Nutriment although they do have it from time to time, and occasionally I buy their food from Raw Pets supplies in Cardiff ( they deliver nationwide) but that is having to do a more DIY rather than completes, but very good value though. Do you know where it comes from at all? I shall look into it.