New to raw feeding

Hi guys - am due to pick my working cocker spaniel pup up in September (he will be 12 weeks) and the breeder feeds all her dogs raw and is weaning the pups this way. She tells me her dogs eat raw turkey necks and just wanted some advice about this type of feeding? Previously, I had an English springer who lived 14 years and all I gave him was whatever dried dog food was on offer (yes, I know how bad that sounds!) so I have no knowledge of how to source a raw diet, or how much and how often to give? I have looked at sites that say give organs/offal as well but again, not sure of if I just need to approach my local butcher or what?

Would be very grateful for any advice :slight_smile:


Hi Catflk and welcome to the forum. I am a raw feeder and have been for many years. I would guess your breeder should give you a menu of exactly what she is feeding your pup and at what times. At twelve weeks I think four times a day would be a good plan for a few weeks.
I find that feeding complete meals are the easiest especially someone new to raw feeding. There are several good companies on the market and they should give you a lot of help too. To name a few and ones I have used regularly are Wolftucker, Natural Instinct , Nutriment. There are also a few books on the market with lots of good advice too.
I am sure someone else will be along later to help.


Hi Cat
I also raw feed, but do give raw bones or necks to my dog, only as I do not want raw food being dragged around my house. I give a complete raw dog food to my dog some has vegetables in the other not, only because he does not do too well on vegetables and as he is thin he needs more meat to help him put on weight.
As you are new to raw feeding it would be good to get some advice from a company that sells raw, I use Luna and me , and now use as well naturaw which are both on this site, and sell food suitable for puppies.
I hope that you can sort the food out for your new puppy. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the forum Catflk. Hopefully the breeder will give you a feeding chart and some of the food to tide you over until you can buy some yourself. It is best to keep pup on the same food for a while until they settle down in their new home.

I agree with previous posters in that raw completes are preferable, particularly for people who are new to raw feeding. Some pet supplies shops sell these but if you don’t have one close by then you will need to order online. I wouldn’t advise that you source the meat/offal from your butcher at the moment. You need to know the correct ratios. Complete products make raw feeding much easier and safer.

As you are used to feeding dry complete food it is worth mentioning that raw food demands a little more commitment because you will need to have freezer space and remember to take the food out to thaw. It can be more expensive, depending on the product. Also, read up about good hygiene practices because this is important for human as well as animal health. There are threads about it within this section of the forum. Regarding turkey necks, feeding your dog should be a pleasurable thing so if you are uncomfortable with it then it is perhaps better not to give them. If you decide that raw is not for you there are plenty of good quality alternatives.


Thanks for all the advice so far - the breeder at present is feeding her pups on raw chicken mince with one meal of some type of grain based cereal per day. I will certainly look into the companies mentioned as I would like to take more interest in what my dog eats, as I have the freezer space for it if I decide to take the raw route.

It is something that never crossed my mind when I bought my spaniel pup 23 years ago! Good to see so much help and advice here to help newbies :slight_smile:

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