Hi I have four dogs a 10yr old orange roan cocker spaniel called Benson, a 5 yr old chocolate working cocker called Dylan, a 2 yr old tri coloured working cocker called Harvey, and wait for it a 3 month old Leonberger female called Mia. And yes I have my hands full!!! but luckily I have my son that is in charge of Mia. I have also had a female German Shepherd and a Weimaraner. Many moons ago I had a pet shop and so I have always been interested in dog foods I do a lot of research before feeding my dogs.
The breeder I got Mia from feed all his dogs on Raw food and so I have kept her on it. I am really impressed with it and i am thinking of trying my other dogs on it.

Hello and welcome M5ets,

Thats a lot of dogs and experience you have. I had to google Leonberger as I have not heard of that breed before. They are fine looking dogs and so big ;D

Hello and welcome to the forum. You certainly do have your hands full. I knew about the Leonberger because my friend likes them and for two pins would get one tomorrow, despite being 78 years young! :o I’ve just had a spell feeding raw too but it was a tad problematical for me so have gone back to my favourite, which is Gentle cold pressed. Glad that yours are doing well on raw and that you have such an interest in dog food. :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome. That’s a lot of dog ;D