Novel ingredients

At the Petfood Forum 2017 to be held at the beginning of April they are going to learn about research that has taken place into novel ingredients for dog and cat foods;

Includes Miscanthus (a grass) in weight loss foods and Eggshell Membrane which affects joint health.


It looks as if it will be very interesting. Wondering if there is anything like it in the UK.

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The European pet food ‘equivalent’ is Petfood Forum Europe and this is going to be held in June this year in Germany.

I will be interested in the findings on peas. Uncooked ones in Natures menu just seem to go straight through my dog!

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When the subject of peas comes up the brand that comes to mind is v-dog from California. It is kibble based on dried peas. Unfortunately this is not available in the UK although I live in hope. This is not the V dog, UK brand.

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I know v-dog have been asked countless times over the years to come to the UK and as far as I know they continue to monitor this. It is available outside of the USA, in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.