Personal Hygiene Problem

Don’t worry, ladies, I am not referring to myself :o - this is strictly a doggy hygiene problem.

Now the little cav is approaching maturity, the hair on his tummy is beautifully long and silky. Unfortunately, so long that it really is impossible for him to pee without getting it wet, esp when he produces just the few drops that every male dog knows are essential for marking purposes.

Sadly this has had two results. Firstly he has acquired the nickname ‘Smelly Belly’, and secondly I am extremely reluctant to rub his tummy for him, however nicely he asks.

I’ve tried wiping him with baby wipes and doggy wipes after each walk, but they don’t entirely remove the smell and seem to make the stickiness even worse. I’m reluctant to bath him more than once a week, and while I could clip the hair it would be a shame to do so as it’s so lovely and I don’t mind combing it daily. So I’m thinking of a dry shampoo. Can anyone recommend one that works, and doesn’t have any nasty ingredients? Or any other suggestions?

Sorry I have no experience with dry shampoo except on myself at Glastonbury! It is basically just talc which absorbs the oil. In terms of odour, I know a couple of people who use baking soda as deodorant on themselves as they are allergic to most stuff. I am not sure how safe it would be for dogs in case they lick it off.

If its any consolation, my terrier has rolled in something dead this evening. This is the norm (Sigh) However I forgot and just buried my face in her when she jumped up for a hug. She also seems to have acquired a meaty smelling mouth since going on to raw.

My sympathy, it’s times like that we wonder quite why we love dogs so much, though we still do.

It’s 30 years ago now, but I can still remember the stink when one of my labs rolled on a dead fish on the beach - a fish so long dead that it was impossible to tell what kind of fish it had once been… and then I had to drive him home in the car.

Dry shampoo might just mask the smell but not deal with it properly. Also, you would need to be careful around the urethra in case it irritated it and caused cystitis. I’m afraid I would recommend the scissors (obviously on the hair). My friend is a groomer and she frequently has problems with gunged up dogs. The problem is that they can so easily get ascending urinary tract infections. The baby wipes sound the best thing if you really want to keep the hair around there long. I’m afraid I’m all for the pragmatic approach but can fully understand that bit of male vanity! LOL

I’m not at all experienced with long haired dogs, but I wonder if you could contact a few groomers or breeders that show their dogs. Presumably they’ll have a tactic for these tricky areas.

Thank you both for the replies.

Afraid I really don’t know of anyone who shows their dogs, I suspect few who live in the Isle of Man do, since it would entail long and costly ferry trips to get to shows. I suppose there could be someone out there who does, and who has to deal with this problem without resorting to clipping, who will read this and reply…

I hadn’t thought of the cystitis thing, so thanks for that Dottie. Clearly I can’t risk that. It looks as though I shall have to fetch the clippers from the loft and see if they still work, at least it will be a quick and simple job compared to two standard poodles.

Having composed myself from laughing at your posts on the smelly dog I thought I must reply!
Tomato Ketchup is very good at removing smells on dogs.
Another very good product is Foxy, by Company Of Animals. It is designed for fox poo but works a treat on all smells.
My dog has a habit of rolling her neck and collar in fox poo and it really does linger the smell. I use Foxy (well not on me!) and it does work and smells nice too. It uses natural bio components to break down the smell. The only thing I have noticed is it can leave their skin dry. Sky has a little dry skin around her neck where I used it for a particularly bad fox poo rub! I did spray a lot on neat though.
Good luck
Louise :smiley:

Thank you Louise, I’ll take a look at Foxy. I was aware of the ketchup trick but hadn’t thought of using it for this, and in any case smothering his tummy in ketchup (and presumably rinsing it off again, though I’m sure he’d be delighted if I didn’t!) every day sounds somewhat messy.

At the mention of fox poo, I shall resist the temptation to smirk; the Isle of Man has no foxes.

Yes the Ketchup is quite messy and your dog may end up smelling more like a hot dog - lol! I sometimes squirt a lot of ketchup in a basin and then use kitchen roll or cotton wool to apply and then towel off. It really does help and at least you know it is not too loaded with toxins and chemicals.
“Foxy” does eliminate smell and stains (mine is lime fresh scent) and does look like a biological answer. It is anti bacterial too. I do not know if it has bad chemicals in though. I paid £4.99 for the bottle and it is 150ml. There is no content list of what is actually in the product on the bottle either. I have just had a look.
If you try it and it works you could gradually weaken it down to find out how much you need to eliminate the smell. This would make it much cheaper to use.
I met and had a chat with Dr Roger Mugford (owner/founder of The Company Of Animals) when I attended a puppy training course at The Company of Animals farm in Chertsey. He was a lovely man and very dedicated to his work and helping others. They did not push/hard sell their products either! This is why I tried it rather than another product.
Good luck. Louise :smiley:

Me again! I meant to say I water the ketchup down. This is why I put it in a basin (and add water)!
I liked your comment too on foxes! lol - not a problem for you!
Bye for now. Louise :smiley:

Something like dirty dog soap by coconut blush, may be good for spot cleaning. It has flea repelling properties as well. I use etiderm shampoo which does get rid of niffs and is gentle on skin but it is rather expensive.

I have heard of people using bicarb, then brushing it out, but not sure how it would work around such a sensitive area!

Hi George.
How is the doggie smelly belly issue? I am interested to see how you are getting on with any products or natural remedies.

Apologies, I’d somehow missed the last 3 replies until now.

In the meantime, I have clipped the hair from his tummy, not to the skin but short enough to do the trick. I’m not happy with the result though, to my eye it makes him look a bit odd, sort of ‘unfinished’. Still, it will grow back and I’ve bought this to try when it does. I thought with it being a foam I could apply it by hand and keep it away from the urethra.

I’ll post again to report back when I’ve tried it, senility permitting.

Hi George. That sounds like a good option. I hope it works. I have not seen the foam one. It sounds better than the spray which I have.
Good luck. I will look out for your post! Lol :slight_smile: