Disgusting New Habit

Not sure if this is in the right category so please change it if necessary.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas to help put a stop to a rather nasty habit one of my Cairns has picked up. She has discovered the dubious ‘delights’ of our cat’s ‘deposits’ in the garden! :o . Getting rid of the cat is sadly not an option!

Sorry can only offer my sympathies. If I’m around and see mine sniffing I can tell him “Leave it” and he does, but he does manage the occasional snack and he smells disgusting afterwards.

We don’t even have a cat which is doubly annoying >:(


My spaniel also has this lovely habit - have you experienced the oh so delightful ‘poo burp’ yet? She usually manages to do this when she’s right near my face, it’s uncanny…

Apparently cat food has a higher fat content so their poo smells lovely to dogs, I haven’t found a solution yet and I have several cats. Teaching a really good ‘leave it’ command is, I’ve been told, the only real solution but although my dog is generally really well behaved I just can’t pry her away when she’s found something really tasty!

Good luck finding a solution anyway and let me know if you do :slight_smile:

Cat poo and human poo are like chocolate ice cream for my lurcher :-[ Dog poo is not interesting to him. Can’t find a solution either.