Pets Love Fresh

Pets Love Fresh (UK), gently cooked dog food, 2 x recipes at present.

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Does anyone feed this food? I have 3 dogs who were fed on Butternut box but weren’t that bothered by it, they would eat it but not enthusiastically and my bitch would walk away from it and only really eat because she had to. They now have Pets love fresh and go mad for it. They are 5, 5 and 4 years old and they literally dance and whine and get so excited for their food, I’ve never had this response to food from the before. The only time I get similar response is when I give them a treat. I’d be interested to know what others think.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for letting us know about Pets Love Fresh. With so few suppliers of fresh cooked dog food, it’s good to see another one added to the list. Their website is here. I have had a look and the recipes look wholesome and simple. My only criticism is that they do not include vegetables and fruit. However, these can be cooked and added as a topper by the owner.

These products are not yet on the Dog Food Directory so I will ask David if they could be included.

It’s good that your dogs are now enjoying their food. I haven’t priced up Pets Love Fresh. How are you finding it cost wise in comparison to Butternut Box?

Dogs don’t need veg in their diets. And as Carbohydrates turn to sugar during digestion there is even less need for root veg and things like legumes and sweetcorn. The price compared to butternut is more expensive but as the dogs love it so much I am prepared to pay the extra. It could be used as a topper or just one meal. We started feeding just a small amount a day but have completely switched to full feeding as the dogs just love it so much, the behave like they are getting a treat at every meal. My bitch, who is very fussy, gets so excited she spins and pirouettes on her back legs when I’m serving it. It’s so nice to see them enjoy their food when I have tried so many different foods that I lost count and wasted so much money. You can get a nice little starter pack to try the food at a vastly discounted price

Oh and I used your tool to see how good the food is and it came out at 88%.

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Thanks for bringing this up Pagan. Pets Love Fresh does look like a good food and it’s great to hear that your dogs enjoy it so much. I’ll get it added to our directory asap.

I’m afraid posting discount codes codes against our site rules so I have removed it from your post.

Just to mention that Pets Love Fresh is now listed on the dog food directory here:

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for listing David.

Quote Pagan: Dogs don't need veg in their diets.

I appreciate your take on this subject and there are people who would agree with you, possibly predominantly raw feeders. There are many dogs who survive without the addition of vegetables in their diet. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not beneficial to an animal’s over all health. There is plenty of evidence that lightly cooked, suitable vegetables are nutritious and helpful for a healthy gut. Dogs Naturally Magazine is one article about this subject but there are plenty more to be found on the Internet, including the links in this thread.

The idea with fresh cooked food is to give variety so the dog gets a range of nutrients. Some additives will always be needed, predominately calcium and omega oils. Most canine nutritionists would certainly use vegetables and fruit when formulating recipes for balanced home cooked food.

I agree with you about the starchy vegetables and would just feed those in small quantities. Sweetcorn I would not feed to a dog anyway because they cannot digest it. It tends to come out in the poo just as it went in.

A small amount of fruit is also useful. Dogs need vitamin C and there are other nutritional benefits of giving suitable fruits such as blueberries.

I am glad that your dogs are doing well on this food and also that we now have another company providing an alternative for fresh cooked dog food. It’s a tiny market at the moment but I look forward to seeing it grow.