Please can you help me with my puppy's poop and a Royal Canin alternative

Martha is a 15 week old Cockalier.
She came to me at 8 weeks and had loose soft stools, not runny. She was on Royal Canin Puppy mini food and I was desperate to get her off the food as she wasnt keen and i was aware of the low rating
She was wormed and then had loads come out and was not well with it
She was weened onto Lilys Kitchen (over 10 days) and her poop did not improve
The vets put her on panacur and pro kolin as there was blood and mucus in her stools
They feared she had Giardia
Her poop was sent away to be tested and she was put on Royal Canin Gastrointestial Puppy which she did not like at all and would barely touch
At this point, i was concerned as she wasnt growing at a normal rate
3 weeks on she has had more pro kolin, she is still on the RC GI and her poops are the same, very soft, no mucus and sometimes a tiny bit of blood
I am desperate to get her off the Royal Canin and on to something with a much higher rating. The vets will only recommend Royal Canin and I dont know what to do
Please please can you help choose a suitable food for her…

Hello and welcome to the forum. You have had all the right tests and it is good that puppy does not have Giardia. It sounds as if she has had a poor start to life. The breeder should have wormed all the puppies several times before they went to their new owners.

From the description of your puppy’s stool it would seem that she still has residual colitis. This in itself can cause a loss of appetite. The presence of blood in the stool indicates that there is still some inflammation in the gut so I would be inclined to see the vet again and ask for antibiotic treatment as well as the ProKolin. My vet will usually treat with antibiotics if there is blood in the stool but you will have to discuss this with yours.

It’s usually not a good idea to swap food when there are underlying problems because it muddies the water so to speak. Just for the present I would be inclined to stick with the food your vet has suggested but enhance it with low fat cooked protein such as chicken and white fish. You can also safely give scrambled egg and it is usually well tolerated by puppies. If you soak the kibble it might help with digestion.

A good quality, canine specific probiotic might also help your puppy. YuDigest is one but if you are inclined to try this, just give Lintbells a call because I am not sure about the dose for puppies. Either that or ask the vet.

Once the colitis has settled down we could help you source a better quality food for your puppy but just at the moment I think you need to concentrate on treatment and healing the gut.

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Talk to another vet and maybe you can get your puppy on a new food regimen. It’s hard to say what your puppy needs and what he doesn’t need, we’re not doctors=)

Hi, what you said means that the pet has big problems with digestion and intestines.