Intermittent incontinence

Hi Guys,

We have a 17 month female Cockapoo spayed. Recently has become incontinent but it is intermittent with no pattern. All tests are negative, no infection, PH 5, feed on Eden. Any ideas? Vet suggests changing food to Royal Canin and an ultrasound to check for crystals. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, as don’t really want to feed low grade food, when she has been successfully fed on Eden with no problems.

Hello and welcome to the forum. There are a lot of Royal Canin products and you don’t mention the type that your vet has recommended. I assume that it is Urinary S/O or similar. I don’t have much knowledge of this but my understanding is that it is used for a period of time and discontinued once the condition has improved. At least that is what happened when one of my dogs had struvite stones. She had an ultrasound to diagnose, was given the food for maybe two/three month then had another scan which showed that she was clear. The vet then said to put her back on normal food.

I feel that if possible you should consider further investigations to obtain a proper diagnosis. Prescription diets can be useful, at least in the short term. David has written this about them and you might find it useful. Because the vet has advised that you try it does not mean that your dog will be on it long term. Perhaps you could think about a trial period on the food.

A scan sounds like a good idea as other things have been ruled out. Other factors which have resulted in incidents in the house with my dog include steroids. When she has needed the odd short course for sore paws. She drinks more and has had the odd accident. Also being in her paddling pool for more than 30 minutes. I think in addition to swallowing lots of water during play, it has a numbing effect and she doesn’t seem to know she wants to go until too late. She often used to urinate if approached by a man she didn’t know and still does occasionally.

If you can’t see an obvious pattern it does seem like further investigation is needed. I hope you get some answers soon.