Partial Anal prolapse/colitis

Hi I have a 10 month old mouth French bulldog was absolutely doing fine being raw fed to end his leg at seven months old, The vet put him on some sort of pain relief when he stopped it he got a partial anal prolapse. Set told me to use a guest your intro diet for him recommended hills or royal cabin I didn’t like the look of ways as per your website so I put him on a AVA medium for sensitive times. Problem is he’s such a fussy eater he won’t eat the Kibble Alicia’s meat with it he doesn’t like any of the Gastrointestinal tinned food And he won’t eat the kibble with anything on itbit of a loss to water to feed him really he has had three lots of antibiotics antacids and probiotics every day and it’s just getting worse Perfect said last night we have to put him on hills Gastrointestinal biome or royal cabin high fibre as it could be colitis He needs a low-fat high-fibre diet please can you advise me of a decent one we are awaiting a referral to a specialist for scans thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum. I am sorry but I cannot fully understand your post. I think that this could be due to the predictive text on your device or maybe you used speech recognition to type your question. I understand that your vet has suggested a certain variety of Royal Canin food prior to seeing a gastrointestinal specialist and subsequent investigations. In view of this, I would not want to suggest anything different at this moment in time. Hopefully the referral vet will be able to make a diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan for your dog.