Polycystic Kidney Disease and Liver Disease

Hi, i’d like to be the bearer of some good news. My boy, Chubby and I have embarked on a pretty scary journey. He was finally diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and stage one liver disease. He has always been super active even for a 12.5 yo so when he started losing interest in ball chasing and started limping I knew something was up. His paw pads were splitting making it very hard and painful to walk. This is the result of liver disease. I got this under control by buying some booties and applying a mix of apple cider vinegar and water to clean and disinfect his little paws then some Savlon antiseptic cream. Once I had it under control I moisturised each night with coconut oil. He loves it! But the most important thing I did for him was to put him on the Five Leaf Bontanicals herbal formula. I noticed a difference in just days. He was his old self again. Also hydrotherapy works wonders. Twice a day for 15 min at a time, alternating between hot water (1 min) and cold water (1 min). This promotes blood circulation and gives his kidneys a kick start. Also going to put him on Sam-E for his liver. I have him on milk thistle too for liver. I feed him raw meats and trying to include veggies but he is not a big fan! Also probiotics, fish oil and a green supplement to food that Five leaf provide. All good stuff. Don’t forget the exercise. Today I also started him on acupuncture so I’m looking forward to the results! Don’t give up and don’t take the Vet’s word as gospel. My vet told me he has 6 months to live but I’m betting on more, much more. We are one month into the 6 and already I have seen improvements…so happy. Good luck on your journey. Di Melbourne Australia