Kidney Damage and Diet

Hi, Everyone I’m hoping for some advice and help. My miniature schnauzer ended up going into critical kidney failure when he got a kidney infection. He was on a drip for 4 days and we were told he probably wouldn’t make it as the toxin levels were so high :cry:

Fortunately hes a fighter and pulled through against the odds. He was on anti bs for 10 weeks, had tablets to lower his blood pressure to ease the strain on his kidneys and had phosphorus binder added to his food. He lost over 2kg in weight and really was a bag of bones. He wouldn’t eat the prescription renal diet so the vet suggested home made diet. He is now back to normal weight and is off all vet medication. His bloods still show damage but only a scan can reveal the extent. The vet is happy with his miracle dog so isn’t too bothered about doing the scan.

What I would like to know is does anyone know of any commercial shop food that is suitable for kidney problems ? It has to be low in protein and low in phosphate. The only one I’ve found is Naturediet senior/lite but of course there are issues with supply. He doesnt have it all the time I just need a standby food in case I cant manage to make his food. I tend to do batches as its quite time consuming. Dont we all like a take away occasionally ;D

Sorry for long first post but thought it best to give background. I should add hes not even 2 years old.

Nutriment low purine and phosphorus formula is specially designed for dogs with kidney and liver issues according to their website. It is frozen raw.

Glad to hear your boy battled through and is doing well. Welcome to the forum and i’m sure others will have further ideas of a suitable food.

Thanks for your reply.

Knew I’d missed something :slight_smile: He was fed raw before this happened, I made up his meals. So I was delighted to find the low purine Nutriment. I tried him for a week but he wouldn’t touch it I think it was too sloppy he likes chunky bits. He wasn’t a lover of Nature menu nuggets either which is why I did his raw food. He’s also not a big fan of green tripe ( yes, he’s a one off ;D ) and there’s quite a lot in the low purine mix.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I am pleased that your little dog is now stabilised and hope that this continues. I am sorry that I cannot think offhand of any product that meets your requirements but if you read the statement that I copied and pasted into the Naturediet thread yesterday you will see that the company do not have supply problems. This was given out on their Facebook page within the last 48 hours.

You could narrow your search down considerably by using the filter on the left hand side of Food tab on this website. Scroll down to the bottom and select Nutrients then you can use the slider to set the protein level that you desire. There isn’t a filter for phosphate so you will have to check that out in each product description.

My local pets shops have all the other flavours but haven’t had any of the senior ;D

That’s the problem not all low protein foods give details about phosphate. Even the website or emailing they cant tell you. I guess the vets do a good trade in the prescription diets.

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