Foods for Kidney Failure

My 14 year old girl has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure, and so her dietary requirements have changed quite drastically.

It seems that the jury is out on whether low protein is the way to go, but she definitely needs low phosphorus and high fat content in whatever food she has.

At the moment I am feeding Tribal TLC senior with vegetables and a small amount of oil. I’m reluctant to go for the veterinary diets, as the ingredients really do leave a lot to be desired, even if the nutrient values are better. She also has mixed vegetable tablets as she has quite advanced arthritis and has had to stop her medication due to the renal failure. So, any further joint support would be good.

Does anyone have any experience with these problems?

How are things going with Tribal? The protein and fat are both low, as one would expect for a senior food. Has the vet advised high fat and if so, for what reason? You don’t say what level of fat you are wanting but usually these have high protein too so you have to make a decision about the level you wish to feed. As for the phosphorous, some companies provide this information but others do not so you may need to contact them. I noticed that Forthglade provide it on their cold pressed food - link. It is 0.9% but as you haven’t said what level of phosphorus you are wanting I don’t know whether this is of use or not.

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We can help with searching the Dog Food Directory but need more information about fat/protein levels and whether you want dry, raw or wet food.

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Psychedelic - I don’t know if you are following your thread but I just thought I should mention that I have modified/updated my previous post.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

So far she is doing quite well on Tribal, not that it’s been more than a couple of weeks at this stage. The reason for high fat is due to the weight loss associated with kidney failure. I’m not too worried about her getting all the fat from her food, as supplementing with suitable oil is doable and potentially good for her joints too.

As for phosphorus, Tribal is 0.55 and that’s the maximum I would go to. The veterinary diets are more like 0.2-3 with around 15% protein. However, for the moment I decided to go with slightly higher levels of higher quality protein. It’s difficult to know if that’s the right decision, hence the post.

I’ve always fed dry but I’m open to any suggestions including wet and raw as part or whole of the diet.

Nutriment do a low purine raw complete. Call discusss & ideally ascertain if suitable