Feeding Dogs with Kidney Disease

David has now completed his article on the dietary management of renal disease in dogs. It can be found here.

*** Please note that the article is pertaining to chronic renal failure which is commonly found in elderly dogs, not acute renal failure.**

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Dr Conor Brady, BSc., PhD Anim. Behav, Nutritional Consultant, Zoologist, non vet consultant to the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society
Kidney Disease in Dogs, Part 1 https://dogsfirst.ie/health-issues/kidney-disease-dogs/
Kidney Disease in Dogs, Part 2. https://dogsfirst.ie/health-issues/kidney-disease-dogs-part-2-question-low-protein-dry-dog-food/
Kidney Failure in Dogs, Part 3. https://dogsfirst.ie/health-issues/kidney-failure-in-dogs/

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Kidney Disease - A Natural, Holistic Diet To Support Renal Function.

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Another interesting read. The chart showing the phosphorus levels of popular raw ingredients could very useful for those trying to work out a diet plan.

Seaweed - thank you very much for this information. I have merged the threads with this one as they would be better all in one place for easy reference.

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some recommendations for renal food for our 14-month-old Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunately, after her spay operation, we discovered that one of her kidneys isn’t functioning properly. Right now, we’re mixing Royal Canin pouches with her renal dog food, but I’m wondering if there might be other options out there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

Hello @Viv12 and welcome to the All About Dog Food Forum!

I am sorry to hear about your pups kidney issue, have you checked out Pooch&Mutt Renal Dry Dog Food? Pooch&Mutt generally scores quite high on our website so I would check it out. They have dedicated article on What food is best for dogs with kidney disease with useful tips :slight_smile:

Wishing your pup a speed recovery!