Purines in food

This is something I’ve only just heard of. It seems certain breeds shouldn’t have foods high in purines, including my cockapoo. I give her sprats and her dog food contains organ meats, which I’ve always considered good. I also give her powdered mushroom, but it seems all of these, together with too much meat (her food has high percentage of meat) and certain vegetables, contain purines which can harm kidneys. She also has blueberries, but these seem to be good for reducing levels. There’s mixed info on internet and I’m wondering if anyone has any views/advice.

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Do you have any links about this Gemma? The two low purine fresh food products that spring to mind are made by Nutriment and Different Dog. I too add blueberries daily to my dogs’ food. There might be members of the AADF Facebook Group who will know more about this.

Thanks, Dottie - here’s one link https://honeysrealdogfood.com/raw-feeding-kidney-stones-and-the-purine-problem/ . Dalmations seem to be most at risk - see https://www.dalmatiandiy.com/dalmatian-diet-and-purine-problems/ but also cocker spaniels and miniature poodles and I’ve got a cockapoo. Her food contains muscle and organ meat, so I’ve stopped giving her sprats because of this and prefer varieties with hemp oil instead of fish oil. I’m also only adding the mushroom powder I give her every few days instead of daily, but am reluctant to stop completely as it’s said to be so good for dogs. I think I’ll get the vet to test her urine every so often to be on the safe side. Always something to worry about!

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Thank you for that. Good idea to have the urine checked from time to time. It’s easy enough to do.