Struvite Stones - Raw feeding - HELP!!

Hi ladies and gents…

I’m new to posting on forums so bear with me. I’m driving myself a little bit insane trying to research the best diet for my 5 year old (light of my life) Bichon Frise, Boo.

I’ll explain where I am with the research up to this point and Boo’s history up to this point:

About 2 years ago Boo was found to have bladder stones, specifically Struvite stones. After the surgery to remove them she was put on the prescribed Royal Canin SO Urinary Diet and I was told by the vet that she would need to be on this food for the rest of her life. I was REALLY reluctant to do this after I looked at the ingredients list.

So, I started my obsessive Googling on Struvite stones and diet…

I conformed with the vet and gave her the Royal Canin diet for a short period of time then got her on to raw. BUT I was giving Boo vegetables (extra that I cooked for me) in her diet and I’m gutted because 2 weeks ago at the urine test I sent in to be looked at under the microscope, there are CRYSTALS AGAIN!! AAAAAAHHHHRGGHH!

Now then… From the research I’ve done, and there are soooooooo many contradicting opinions out there, I’m understanding that the prescription diet is the quickest way to dissolve the crystals but should only ever be fed until the urine is clear. Then to be put on a meat based diet (for slightly acidic urine pH of around 6 - 6.5) and a grain/veg based diet for alkaline urine (the other sort of bladder stones).

Does anyone have any experience of cutting vegetables out from our fluffy friend’s diets and just feeding raw meat?

Thank you in advance,

Nicky & Boo.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

I have very little knowledge about stones but was wondering if you had contacted nutriment about their low purine complete food. They may be able to advise if it is suitable. It is a complete food so you wouldn’t need to add any veg if you didn’t want to. I have come across some info since becoming vegan myself, about veg which may cause problems and it seems that spinach. rhubarb and beetroot can be a problem for those prone to forming stones. I have no idea if that applies to dogs to but there may be some veg which are okay.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’m looking at the Nutriment website now, I’m VERY interested in this brand!! Thanks for the heads up. It’s very much appreciated. I’ll give them a ring I think.


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It would be great if you could update us and lets us know what nutriment said about this, and if you decide to try it, how Boo gets on in terms of keeping the stones at bay. It could be useful information for anyone else having similar issues. I hope you manage to maintain her health. Hopefully somebody else who has had more experience of this may be able to offer some advice.

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Nickyandboo - bladder stones has come up up on the forum previously. Don’t know if the threads contain useful information for you but you can check by using the search box at the top of this page. Bladder or struvite search term should bring up the relevant threads. I hope that you had some success with Nutriment and would be interested to know how you get on.

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Hi guys, thanks again for your replies. I’m 95% sure I’ll start her on the Nutriment Low Purine food. I’ve made an appointment for tomorrow with my friend’s vet who is ‘raw friendly’ to get some advice. My vet practice ‘doesn’t recommend raw’ which is really frustrating because I just want some advice!!

I’ll keep you posted on what he says tomorrow. Unless he says it’s nothing to do with purines or phosphorous, which I’m sure he won’t, I’ll get her started in the Nutriment.


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