Maintenance diet for dog with Struvite crystal history.

Hi All, I need a healthy maintenance diet for a dog that has had treatment for Struvite crystals. Just read the artical about the tinned prescription foods and I whole heartedly agree that these foods are hugely over priced. The Hill’s S/D’s three main constituents are cornstarch, chicken fat and egg products with a huge helping of salt thrown in to make you thirsty! £3 a tin is obscene! Would anyone with nutritional knowledge be able to point me in the direction of a low purine food that I can use now treatment is over? Many thanks.

Just read the thread below by Mrharries and realize that I am not alone…Horrified is not the word! :cry:

Hello and welcome to the forum Janeyh5, I am glad you found that thread. There is not much more I can add to anything that was posted on that one. Good luck in your quest.

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That will be a massive help as lots of people are really struggling when it comes to finding a suitable food with specific health concerns.