Urinary care food

Hi my frenchie suffered and had to have surgery for urinary stones she produced both struvite and calcium stones royal cainin urinary so was recommended.
This like many others ive seen are chicken based. The food seems to be helping with her urinary issues as no blood in urine but her skin is soooo itchy… and yeasty…

Any help or advise much appreciated…

I use douxos 3 wash shapoo and moose days u font shampoo and no chicken in diet as they eat corn and wheat and it dosnt help with dogs with yeast issues i read.

Hello @Ali1 and welcome to the AADF

Sorry to hear about your frenchie s health issues.

It might be worth reaching out to Pooch and Mutt if their Renal Dry Dog Food would be suitable for your dog (it is salmon based).

Hopefully this helps,
wishing speed recovery to your doggo :slightly_smiling_face: