Newbie in need of advice re treats suitable for dog with early stage kidney dise


Lily the pooch has been recently diagnosed with early stage kidney disease.
We’ve moved her on to Nutriment raw food Kidney support & low purine, low phosphorous food, and she appears to be happy with that.

However, she is clearly missing her treats ( or we miss giving her the treats more likely).
Does anyone know of anything suitable? I’m quite happy to have a go at doing some baking for her if anyone has any recipes or knows of a good book to buy.
Any help/advice much appreciated. :slight_smile:

You could make vegetable crisps or little oat cookies. Low purine Low phosphorous human foods that are safe for dogs may be a good option.


I tend to keep a packet of rice cakes with no salt or anything else added, on hand for treats. My dog seems to like them and because they are mostly air, I hope she feels like it is more substantial than it actually is. They are dry though which shouldn’t be an issue if your dog is drinking well. Raw carrots also make a good treat if your dog likes them.

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